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About Parab

     PARAB-Koraput, a State Level Tribal Festival, a festival of indigenous people of Koraput, (Odisha), is being organised by District Council of Culture, Koraput since 1996. It is a leading festival of the State and is unique in its aim of spotting hidden talents in the field of art, culture and sports at the grass-root level as well as to promote the rich cultural heritage of this region. . The objective of PARAB is to give scope to the talented youth lying idle in the rural areas and to encourage them to come forward and join hands with the district administration to attain the ultimate goal of nation building. In a month-long festival large numbers of people participate in the festival. About 60,000 artists and sportspersons participate in the G.P./ Block/ULB and District level competitions and celebrations. This shows PARAB’s popularity. Conduct of competitions in traditional tribal events like tribal music, dance, art and craft, traditional sports, etc has helped in preserving the heritage of this region against the threat of extinction and deculturisation due to rapid industrialization, urbanization and other cultural invasions. Besides various cultural programmes like tribal and folk dance festival, Craftmela, Pallishreemela, Book-fair, Artist camp-cum-Art Exhibition, Seminar, Boat Race, Mini Marathon, Cycle Race, Kabi Sammelan, Tribal Workshop, Seminar etc are being organised by inviting eminent artists and troupes from and outside the State. It is a forum of interaction and exchange among different kinds of tribal culture from all over the country. The District Council of Culture, Koraput is one of the leading councils of the State for the promotion of art, culture and literature and its brainchild “PARAB”, brought a cultural revolution in the State.

In this short journey of 15 years eminent artists and cultural troupes from different parts of the country participated in the festival. Few prominent among them are Padmabhusan Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Padmabhusan Kelu Charan Mohapatra , Pundit Biswamohan Bhat, Padmashree Sovana Narayanan, Dr. Sonal Mansingh, Ritu Burma, etc. and eminent cultural troupes like Manipuri dance, Bihu dance, Bhangra dance, Siddi Dhamal, BharatNatyam, Kuchipudi and troupes from out side country like Sri Lanka participated in PARAB festival.

It is heartening that PARAB, Koraput during its decade long eventful journey since 1996 has scaled many peaks. It reached out to the people, is organised up to Panchayat level and has become a people’s festival. It has become a symbol of cultural movement in the district, state and country and is declared as state level tribal festival. It is also a great leap in the promotion of Tourism in this land of Heaven’s own.

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