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wide approach to identify and ensuring services to every disabled

Objective:to ensure identification of PWDs(person with disability) from 5 to 60 year of age and extend maximum benefits as entitled.

BackgroundMany of our people have some disability or other but to due to ignorance about the assistance that the government extends and their poor attitude to visit authority they are deprived of benefits which they are supposed to get. To overcome that this Bhimbhoi Bhinakhyama Samathya Sibira Abhiyan is organized at the bock level to help the disabled in rural and inaccessible areas get their entitlements in single approach system. This camp for disabled is being organized since the last few years. This year it is renamed after the legendry & great BHIMBHOI who himself was visually disabled.

What we do-

  1. Identification of disabled people at grass root level by AWW/HW/ASHA
  2. Free Patient Transportation (i.e. to and fro ) from demand end to service end
  3. Involvement of NGO / College students as volunteer
  4. Screening and registration
  5. Computerized verification to avoid duplicity
  6. Free photograph
  7. Examination and certification by experts and medical board
  8. Issue of laminated certificate
  9. Issue of duplicate certificate /Renewal of certificate
  10. On the merit of certificate extension of other benefits like ID Card, Pass Book,Bus Pass,Train Pass,aids & appliances, vocational rehabilitation training (DRI,SJSY), MBPY,Banishee & Scholarship, other support(Physiotherapy, surgical correction, primary education),formation of disabled SHGs etc
  11. Short listing for CMRF(Chief Minister Relif Fund) /red cross fund benefits for eligible patient
  12. Management and updating the database for the PWD, and daily reporting to district and state authority

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